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General Surgery Oral Boards Scenarios Including Small Bowel Obstruction Appendicitis Appendiceal tumor Bleeding gastric ulcer Perforated duodenal ulcer Cholecystitis after MI Biliary colic during pregnancy Cholangitis Gynecologic causes of pelvic pain NSTI Clostridium Difficile GI bleeding unable to localize easily Typhlitis in HIV Gallstone ileus Enterocutaneous fistula Open inguinal hernia Laparoscopic hernia Pediatric inguinal hernia Complex abdominal wall Postoperative dehiscence Postoperative hypotension Sepsis VAP and ARDS MI and PE Renal failure Airway Emergency Abdominal compartment syndrome ACLS and hypothermia Paraoesophageal hernia GERD Esophageal cancer Gastric cancer GIST Bariatric surgery Post-bariatric surgery complications Zenkers Gastroparesis Achalasia Esophageal perforation Spontaneous pneumothorax Pulmonary nodule Colon cancer Rectal cancer Hemorrhoids Sigmoid and cecal volvulus Anastomotic leak after colon resection Anal Carcinoma Anorectal abscess Crohn’s stricture Refractory UC Rectal prolapse Constipation Colonoscopy Endoscopic report from outside hospital Liver nodule Bile duct injury  Obstructive jaundice Gallstone ileus Pancreatic cysts Acute pancreatitis Chronic pancreatitis Pancreatic pseudocyst Esophageal variceal bleeding Palpable breast mass Suspicious mammogram Male breast cancer and gynecomastia Non-healing breast abscess, focus on inflammatory breast cancer Breast abscess Papilloma Paget’s Melanoma Extremity sarcoma Abdominal sarcoma and desmoid Merkel cell carcinoma Pheochromocytoma Conns syndrome Primary hyperparathyroidism Persistent hyperparathyroidism Palpable thyroid nodule Medullary thyroid cancer Gastrinoma Insulinoma Acute limb ischemia Lifestyle limiting claudication Pulsatile abdominal mass  Carotid artery stenosis Diabetic foot infection Chronic mesenteric ischemia Acute mesenteric ischemia Impending renal failure, focus on workup and plan for dialysis access Deep vein thrombosis and venous insufficiency NEC Malrotation Pyloric stenosis Intussusception Gastroschisis Omphalocele Tracheoesophageal fistula Multiple polyps, FAP, desmoid Motor vehicle accident Trauma resuscitative thoracotomy Penetrating thoracic wound Abdominal gunshot wound, focus on hepatic injury Traumatic brain injury, focus on brain death after initial management Complex pancreatic and duodenal injury Burns Pelvic fracture Penetrating neck Popliteal artery Subclavian artery Flail chest and rib plating ITP and splenectomy Anaphylactic shock Foreign body in trachea Foreign body in esophagus Foreign body in stomach, small bowel, rectum Incidental findings during surgery Peritoneal carcinomatosis TB and RIPE

2022 American Board of Surgery Certifying Exam Pass Rate
2022 SurgBoards Users Pass Rate
Total Number of Hours of SurgBoards Viewed Since 2021

American Board of Surgery Certifying Exam Dates (2023-2024):
March 13-15, 18-20, 2024 (Virtual)

American Osteopathic Board of Surgery Oral Boards Exam Date:
September 25, 2024 (in-person in Orlando, Florida)

Read Comments from Past SurgBoards Users to see why we are Considered the Leaders in Prepping for the General Surgery Oral Boards

Marko P
Colorectal Surgery
Read More
This was single handedly the best resource I used to prepare for oral boards. I got through the videos 2x, finishing my second pass through about a week before the real thing. Thank you for helping me get done with this successfully.
Austin R
Minimally Invasive Surgery
Read More
It was tough finding time during fellowship to study for the certifying exam but I tried to do 1-2 cases on SurgBoards everyday and that was enough for me. The simulation modules were key because it forced me to basically have a mock oral session 1 or 2 times a day at my convenience.
Cristina K
General Surgeon
Read More
I tried Osler for my first attempt and was unsuccessful. I used SurgBoards for my second attempt and was successful. I thought I was good for my first attempt but really the oral boards is unlike any other exam we have ever taken and you guys do such a good job of demonstrating exactly what a good performance should look like. Thanks again!
Lydia C
Trauma/Critical Care
Read More
LOVED SURGBOARDS! Your videos made the whole process so much easier and the intense session was also really good. I told all the residents in my home program to use SurgBoards.
Vince G
Vascular Surgery
Read More
My residency program held a few mock oral sessions during our chief year which was nice as I got a little bit of practice before I finished residency. As I started my fellowship, and was on call multiple times a week (and got called in often) I realized dedicated time for oral boards was going to be tough to come by. I gave myself 90ish days to study for oral boards and all I used was surgboards. Number 1, the answers in the video are all CORRECT which is so important to not accidentally learn what the wrong answers are, and worse, say them on the real thing. And Number 2, the videos stopping after each prompt and forcing you to say what your thinking is probably the best way to prepare for this exam. I am very grateful to surgboards.
Mike M
General Surgeon
Read More
A++. Made the whole process is a breeze. I did all the simulation modules in about a month and more than half the scenarios on the real thing were covered in your videos, which is not surprising considering how many cases yall got.
Eugene K
Transplant Surgery
Read More
Unfortunately I failed oral boards the first time and I was not taking any chances during my second attempt so I may have overdid it and used nearly every resource out there. I can confidently say that SurgBoards was head and shoulders above the rest in terms of quality, content, production, and support. I did a few 1 on 1 live sessions and an intense session too which really helped solidify some of the techniques I used to help me successfully pass the oral boards on my second attempt.
Annie A
General Surgery
Read More
I spent about a month watching the videos and doing the modules. I got through all of them at least once, and did about 30% of them twice, and that's all I needed. I felt like I was still doing a simulation module during my actual certifying exam. Was very scared of this exam initially but felt very prepared going into it.
Maria K
Breast Surgery
Read More
I started preparing for oral boards as early as I could because I felt like I didn't get any practice during residency training. I also had a toddler at home, started a brand new fellowship and dedicated time was going to be tough to get so I tried to do a little bit each day. Having access to the videos for a long time really helped as some of the other oral board prep companies like osler only give you access for a couple weeks. I am so glad to have this behind me and will be telling everyone preparing for oral boards to use you guys. THANK YOU!!!!
Ben Z
Thoracic Surgery
Read More
The only thing I wish I could have changed is finding you guys sooner. I was only able to use the videos for about a month before my exam and just barely finished all the videos before test day. I would have liked to have had more time but even with a month, I went into it way more confident than I would have otherwise. More than a couple of my scenarios on the real thing were pretty much your modules. I was smiling so happy inside when the examiner was giving me the prompt and I was thinking to myself that I had practiced this scenario out loud just a couple days prior. That makes the whole process so much easier.
Brent A
General Surgeon
Read More
What I loved about you guys is that every scenario showed what the right answers are instead of watching someone potentially giving the wrong answers. Also being forced to say what i would do after each question really helped me work out the gaps in my knowledge.
Dan C
Minimally Invasive Surgery
Read More
To keep it short and simple ... I would not have passed oral boards with the 1 month I gave myself to study without surgboards.
Neesha L
Surgical Oncology
Read More
SurgBoards is kind of a must for oral boards. I did all the modules at least once before my oral boards and every scenario I had I was prepared for. So thankful to have been able to use the platform.
Siva K
Thoracic Surgery
Read More
I just wanted to start off by saying that I have officially passed my oral boards on the first attempt! It was such a long and arduous journey to get to this point, and it is surreal to finally have this come to a conclusion. I wanted to especially thank you and the rest of your team for helping me achieve this final moment. As I reflect on my preparation, I can not help but identify subscribing to SurgBoards as the pivotal step I took to turn this endeavor into a success. I would not have been able to pass without using this resource, and I am strongly recommending every single one of my graduating colleagues to sign up with you all sooner rather than later. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication in putting this material together, and I very much wish to see this become one of the mainstream resources that all General Surgery residents will be talking about in the near future! Truly the crowning jewel when it comes to General Surgery Oral Board preparation! Thank you all once again!
Mazen K
General Surgery
Read More
Words can not express how much gratitude I owe to you guys. This last year was a very tough year for me as my failed first attempt was weighing heavily on me quite often. With your modules and sessions, I finished my oral boards actually thinking I passed, and lo and behold, I PASSED and I am now a board-certified surgeon. I could not have done it without SurgBoards. Truly, thank you for creating this platform.
Brian W
General Surgery
Read More
I just wanted to reach out to thank you for your general surgery certifying exam board prep course. I had been unsuccessful on two prior attempts and found your program to be heads and shoulders above the other courses that I had taken both in terms of content and application of the active learning method. I am proud to say that I am now a board certified surgeon. Thank you so much!

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  • Only Prep Company Offering Only Correct Answers for Oral Boards Scenarios
  • Guides to Help Plan Daily Schedules of Which SIMs/Videos to Watch
  • Content Created by Master Surgical Educators
  • 120 Perfectly Executed Oral Boards Videos/Modules
  • With Variations in Each Module/Video, you Will be Exposed to Closer to 200+ Scenarios
  • Only Prep Company with the Unique SurgBoards Interactive Module™ to Simulate The Real Thing with Active Learning
  • Follows the 2024 SCORE curriculum which the Certifying Exam is Based On
  • Applicable to both the ABS and AOBS Oral Boards Exams
  • Free Re-Enrollment In the Very Slim Chance You Don't Pass =)
  • Covers Nearly Everything You Can Be Asked on the Oral Boards
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  • Covers All Core Procedures
  • Covers Most of the Popular Advanced Procedures
  • Only Prep Company with the Unique SurgBoards Interactive Module™ to Simulate The Real Thing with Active Learning
  • Applicable to the ABS Oral Boards Exam
  • Applicable to the AOBS Oral Boards Exam
  • Free Re-Enrollment In the Very Slim Chance You Don't Pass =)
  • Free Preview of Some of the Scenario Based Modules

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  • SurgBoards: 97% pass rate
  • Easy Interface to Book Sessions
  • Pacific-Standard Time

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Check out a sample of one of our cases using the SurgBoards Interactive Module below:

Frequently Asked Questions

No – all our content is scripted and written in a way to demonstrate what a perfect answer on the oral boards can sound and look like (non-verbal communication). All the scenarios/content on SurgBoards are written by master surgical educators with significant experience in medical education. We are the only test prep company that offers only correct answers for all prompts asked in our videos/modules. This allows you to learn how to effectively and confidently deliver all the right answers instead of watching other candidates that may be providing the wrong answers.

It’s a novel technique that we have developed which allows you to prepare for the certifying exam using an active approach. The SIM allows you to participate in a mock oral boards simulation as if it was live. This technique has been demonstrated to increase exam performance and help you develop the very skill the oral boards is testing you on – communication! Check out an example of SIM in the above video.

Yes – all our content is optimized to be run on mobile devices. This means you can listen to the videos on your drive to work. However, we encourage all SurgBoards users to primarily use the SIM while preparing for the oral boards.

Yes. We have several guides to help you plan a schedule of which videos/SIMs to watch on a daily basis depending on the total amount of time you have to study. We think that 4-months is the ideal amount of time to dedicate for oral boards prep – 2 months of light studying/practice and 2 months of intense studying/practice. However, we understand that this isn’t possible for everyone and so we provide SurgBoards users with 4-month, 3-month, 2-month and 1-month study schedule guides. The guides consist of a roadmap of how to organize your time to best utilize the videos/SIMs and maximize your exposure to the scenarios.

Nearly everything! We feel this is a one-stop-solution for your oral boards prep. We think SurgBoards users have everything they will need to successfully pass the oral boards with just our content.

All sessions are facilitated over Zoom with a master surgical educator with significant experience in surgical education. In all sessions you will be given mock oral board scenarios and receive feedback immediately after the scenario to help improve your technique and performance on the oral boards, and receive feedback regarding gaps in knowledge for the given scenario. In the 90-minute concurrent intensive session, there will be up to 2 candidates in the session and each will be given several mock oral board scenarios while the other watches. We also offer 180-minute intensive private sessions which will only include you and the examiner. The vast majority of SurgBoards users sign up for the 120 video library and SIMs  + 90-minute intensive concurrent session.

Although our content was curated specifically for candidates actively preparing for the general surgery certifying exam (oral boards), we feel that SurgBoards is an excellent tool for current junior and chief residents to learn about all the classic oral boards scenarios and help you stand out as a superstar in your program.

We allow users to continue using our platform for 4-months.

We only offer one subscription duration (4-months). You may use this to prepare with SurgBoards for one day, a couple days, couple weeks, couple months or for the entire 4-months. The price point reflects the quality of the content to help you pass the oral boards and not the duration available. We offer a 4-month subscription to give users the longest amount of time to prepare if they wish to utilize it. However, the majority of SurgBoards users spend about 1-3 months using our platform to prepare for the oral boards.

Yes! We have gotten this request multiple times and so we now offer credits to purchase. You can use your educational funds to purchase credits now and use SurgBoards after you graduate closer to your exam date. You can learn more by clicking HERE.

We do not offer any material for the general surgery qualifying exam (written boards). Our sole focus is to help you successfully pass the general surgery certifying exam (oral boards)! We don’t offer any other test-prep material (i.e. other specialties). Our content creators are leaders in medical education and have spent several years perfecting this platform to help you pass the oral boards exam.

We are so confident in our platform that we are happy to give you a 24-hour trial for free with complete access to the platform along with the entire video library and study guides. The free trial is limited to opening just 5 of the videos/SIMs. Just use the chat-feature to talk to one of our representatives now or email us at along with your full name and where you trained (or are training) for general surgery residency. We usually reply back within 24-hours. We do not offer free trials for 1-2 months leading up to either the ABS or AOBS exam to prevent abuse.

No – we respect your privacy. None of your practice sessions will be recorded or will ever be used commercially in the future.

Of course. Although we can never guarantee that you will pass, we can guarantee that SurgBoards offers the absolute best content available to help you pass the general surgery oral boards successfully. Here is an email we recently received from a candidate that was on their last remaining attempt to take oral boards:

Dear SurgBoards and Team,

Sorry for the delay in this review.  We have been celebrating since November!  That said, it is my hope this review reaches every med student preparing for surgical residency, every resident preparing for the boards, and every surgeon preparing for certification or re-certification.  I can not possibly say enough about this program. This review, no matter how stellar, will never be able to communicate the level of gratitude I owe this program.

 I came from a mediocre med school and a less than mediocre residency program.  Throughout my five years of 120+ hour weeks (back when that was still the norm), I learned virtually nothing on how to prepare myself for the ABSITE, the qualifying exam and certainly not the certifying exam. I graduated a very good  surgeon but lacked the ability to confidently take on the boards.

 It has been a very long and very expensive journey to Board Certification.  I graduated in 2006 and immediately began my career.  I delayed the boards as long as I could as I knew how horribly i’d done on the ABSITE throughout my five years of residency.  Once my practice flourished, I began taking courses to prepare myself, I purchased every possible program, traveled to every board review my schedule would allow and attended as many zoom tutoring courses as i could find, yet still came up short time and time again. 

After having to go the alternate route, I began hiring tutors at upwards of $300/hr and still just barely got by on my FINAL QE attempt.  I thought I would be ok in the CE but still spent upwards of $10,000 on private tutors in an attempt to prepare so that I could finally put these exams behind me and move on with my career.  Despite all the time and money spent I still failed the CE miserably TWICE!  It seemed so much had changed between graduating in 2006 and taking the orals in the 2020’s.  Everything I had learned in residency was pretty much obsolete and trying to relearn all of the new material outside of my scope of practice seemed an impossible feat.  I had absolutely given up and was even considering letting my last attempt go when my wife stumbled upon SurgBoards back in July of 2022.  She was convinced from watching the demo that this program could bring me up to date and prepare me in a way that no other program could.  My wife, a trauma nurse, and an excellent test taker, convinced me to give it a shot.  I reluctantly agreed.
BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!!  Not only did Surgboards prepare me for the CE, it prepared me to kick a little ass!  My confidence was off the charts going into this last CE (my last opportunity).  This program has a way of teaching that no other program I’ve purchased or tutor I’ve used has ever had.  It forms a clear and concise approach to all of the questions you might encounter and then hits on almost every possible pitfall that can be thrown your way.  More importantly,  it brings even the oldest of surgeons up to date on the newest medications and techniques.  In addition to purchasing the program,  I also booked as many private and group sessions as I could but can honestly say I wouldn’t have needed more than a couple of sessions to lock it in . The material in the program is more than enough to get you a pass on the CE (and the QE I’m sure).  I went through the videos in their entirety three times before my October CE date and feel that if I did nothing else but that, I still would have easily passed.  That said, I still highly recommend at least one or two mock orals just to build confidence. The orals helped me to see just how much I had grown in a few short months and it was mind blowing.
As I said at the beginning of this review, there is no way to fully communicate just how thankful I am for having found and used SurgBoards.  Their support and commitment to us doctors is amazing.  They become fully vested in our success and in turn, at least in my case, become almost family.  I not only received a call prior to my date but received a call to congratulate me the morning I found out that I had passed.  Like I said, AMAZING!  
If i didn’t state it earlier, I will state it now, SurgBoards is the only program I used prior to my last attempt.  I did not even look over any other books, materials or programs I had done in the past.  Surgboards was all that I used and all that I needed to finally pass my Certifying Examination.  In addition to passing the exam,  I also know that I am a better doctor and even a better surgeon for having taken this course.  It is second to none!  It is a game changer!  Having done pretty much every other program and having used the best tutors in the industry, I can confidently say that this program and it’s mock sessions are without question, the BEST learning tool you will find in preparing for Board Certification.  As I said earlier, if you are a med student, a resident, a practicing surgeon, or even  a seasoned surgeon looking to become more up to date….purchase this program.  You will not be disappointed.  
Thank you for Everything!